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When will the corporate credit cycle turn?

Fund Manager Tammie Chan has identified five 'flags' which are important signposts of the credit cycle and there is evidence that each of these indicators is deteriorating. However, we believe that the end of the cycle is still 12 to 24 months away.

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Investment Strategy

Read this month’s Investment Strategy, here CIO Mark Burgess provides a snap shot of our latest views on economies and markets.

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Performance of bonds the main surprise so far in 2014

Mark Burgess, Chief Investment Officer, reviews developments in financial markets in the first half of 2014 and outlines the key questions facing investors during the remainder of the year.

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Improving global growth to support equities

Leigh Harrison, Head of Equities, reviews developments in global equity markets in the first half of 2014 and outlines the reasons why he believes the outlook remains positive.

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